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Our last day before returning to AUS - what to do? 22.07.2012
Day 3 Hong Kong 21.07.2012
London to Honkers via USSR and a massage chair 19.07.2012
Last full day in London a few things yet to do 17.07.2012
UK in the middle of Summer; Let's go to the beach........ 16.07.2012
Sunday in London is special 15.07.2012
Mandy decides to test the Poms Security 14.07.2012
And then I said to Mandy-Prince Charles could be our next GG 13.07.2012
Paris to London (Mandy sleeps on) 12.07.2012
Shopping day in Paris 11.07.2012
Mysteries of Paris Ghost Tour 10.07.2012
Private Tour of Paris for Mandy 09.07.2012
Zurich to Paris 08.07.2012
Train trip to Lucerne 07.07.2012
Mandy Visits Heidiland 07.07.2012
Rain, Hail or Shine - Zurich Day 1 06.07.2012
Amsterdam Day 2, End of Cruise & Mandy 50... 06.07.2012
Amsterdam - The Venice of the North - Day 1 05.07.2012
We love getting to know the locals 05.07.2012
Afternoon sailing through the Rhine Gorge and a few drinks 05.07.2012
Rudesheim Germany 05.07.2012
Avalon Panorama luxury afloat river style 02.07.2012
Miltenberg-today they celebrate 775 years to mark our visit 30.06.2012
Wuerzburg Day 9 of the cruise 30.06.2012
If they would only paint this vessel "ship side grey" 28.06.2012
Day 20 - Regensburg Germany 26.06.2012
The Austrian Alps and Chevy Chase European Vacation 26.06.2012
Wachau Region of Austria 25.06.2012
Visit to Vienna (or V2V as the locals say) 23.06.2012
Overnight to Bratislava - MV Avalon Panaroma 23.06.2012
Hungarian Culture - Last day in Budapest 21.06.2012
Budapest Day 3 20.06.2012
Trying some new things in Budapest 19.06.2012
It's taken me 2,914.1 weeks to find the best happy hour 18.06.2012
Rome Final Day-More shopping last pizza & Train to Budapest 18.06.2012
Our religious epiphany day-Rome 16.06.2012
One Week down already - Shopping and more sites 16.06.2012
I don't know if Rome has changed much since 1976 14.06.2012
Rome Arrival 14.06.2012
Not so long a flight - The Queue Begins 13.06.2012
The end of our Singapore Visit 12.06.2012
Day 3 - Singapore (Search for the long lost laundromat) 11.06.2012
Day 2 - Have I lost count? It's my 3rd Heineken 10.06.2012
Singapore-At last the return to our favourite place - Day 1 09.06.2012
We're on our way at last 07.06.2012
The packing has begun 03.06.2012
Now it's really getting close 24.05.2012
Getting Close 04.05.2012